Day six of the BIG WINDY WEEK in the Whitsundays….

Caiti and Xavier

To be honest we just dropped in here to get some groceries, meet a hairdresser appointment and to do the eternal bug of sailing, the laundry…..

Here we are a week later, marina bound, with cabin fever wanting to slash our wrists!

On it goes, this never-ending high pressure ridge, generating twenty-five to thirty knot winds SE , seemingly endlessly…………..

We set off today to make our way acrosss the passage, just trying to get a different view for our guest Xavier, who must be so bored by now with the last four days of marina living.

A mere 2 nm into the short 12nm passage we abandoned and returned to our marina berth. 35 knots over the bow before we left the comfort zone of Airlie Bay , no chance to even get belted by the usual bullets as we passed Pioneer Rock!


Back in Abel Point we decided to hire a car and visit Bowen. No such joy, all cars from the the three companies booked, the only one left being an extravagant four wheel drive with a kilometer limit which would not reach our destination!

Lunch at the sailling club, and good news for Xavier, a new job!

Wild figs, we think, amazingly growing in the mangroves

Tomorrow we are looking for better weather, but I suspect we will be looking at other people’s weather when we see it!

It is still so very windy here……

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