Whitsundays wondering…

Our cutest ever helmsman calls the shots!

Meet Finn, our new Helmsman! He comes to us with two plus years of sailing experience, and local knowledge! Pretty damn good considering he’s just two and a half! Still, he started his life out sailing on Port Phillip Bay in winter and would happily sail anywhere. He made short work of tidying our ropes and was an exemplary crew member!

During our enforced week at Airlie we took time to catch up with Finn’s parents, who we cruised with ten years ago. We also met their lovely new daughter, Saskia. She’s just a little young for the helm yet ( can’t walk or crawl so far) but she did seem to be pretty happy to be afloat! That’s always a good sign.

Caught up again with Paul Lobsten and his crew from Shearwater, and met some new friends, Greg and Annette on Antidote, a Seawind 1180. Most cruisers are heading south now and there’s a sense of keeping an eye out for each other as we all head south of the cyclone region.

We left yesterday to head for Shaw Island where I was determined to try out my new crab pot. Alas! Shaw’s beach is closed due to bird nesting, and with the tide against us, we detoured into Cid Harbour for the night.

The decision was made easier by the distraction of a mother and baby humpback broaching out in the middle of the passage for a good hour or so. Hard to go forward when that was to be viewed and enjoyed!

Today we were up with the Welcome Swallows, our little avian alarm clocks who love to wake us about an hour before we ever wanted to be awake! Good thing though, we left Cid at 0530 hours and caught a magic carpet ride down the Whitsunday Passage just letting the current sweep us along. We’re now anchored at Goldsmith Island and from here will make our way into Mackay Harbour tomorrow. Lots of turtles here and a peaceful anchorage for our last night in the Whitsundays. As we anchored we wondered how long it would be before we ever made our way back through here again…..

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