Chilling out at Great Keppel Island

Long Beach, GKI


We spent three or four days at Rosslyn Bay Marina, resting and getting our engine issues resolved.

Two blades of the raw water impellor had dislodged and were preventing the coolant from circulating effectively. Quickly fixed, once someone could attend to do it. We serviced the engine, restocked Fling with all sorts of goodies and celebrated Melbourne Cup Day in fine style with Neil and Deb onboard Zolibato. Deb came up with a most creative facinator, and the local prawns and Debs avocado dip were sensational.

Yesterday we happily fled the marina, heading over to what I think is possibly my most favourite island on the Queensland coast, Great Keppel Island. It’s just eight nm offshore but the water is clear, the beaches pristine and it has both southerly and northerly anchorages. Sadly it is about to be redeveloped to include a golf course, many more accomodation buildings etc… We like it as it is!

This morning we walked the beach, pure fine white silica sand. We encountered fresh turtle tracks in the sand where a turtle had made her way up the beach last night to carefully dig a precise hole to deposit her eggs in. All neatly buried, her tracks led back to the beach. We wish every one of her 100-150 little babies the best of life and hope they all make their way into life safely!

The water here is crystal clear, this morning I could see the track our anchor chain had made in the sand in 5m of water. We finished the day off with more of those lovely prawns from the Rosslyn Bay Fish Market, this time served as thai coconut prawn miang with a watermelon curry salad. A perfect way to enjoy the sunset!

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