Getting to the Great Sandy Straits

Wasn’t easy!

We planned to leave on the Monday from Bundaberg. No go. Less than half a nm out from the marina Fling’s engine coughed, skipped a beat then stalled. I quickly turned her into the incoming current while Andrew raced downstairs to diagnose the problem. We had an air leak into the fuel filter system. When we removed it we found an adjustment fitting broken. We rejected the onsite chandler’s incomplete replacement part ($100.) and caught the marina bus into Bundaberg where we found a complete replacement kit for half the price.

Returning to Fling we quickly fitted the new unit, tested it briefly and felt we had spent a good day. We donated the missing part from our old unit to the chandlers. Early the next morning we put our marina key in the deposit box (again) and departed the marina. This time we made it almost to the heads before Fling misbehaved. Again we returned. Andew again pulled the system apart, looking for the tiny air leak which was causing our problem. Eventually he found it, but not before having to blow into the inlet tubes of the diesel pump. We again reassembled the filter system and this time ran the engine under load for an hour in the marina. All good! Plans were made for leaving the next morning. Marina key retrieved again and another day’s fee’s paid. At six am we prepared to depart, once again leaving the marina keys in the safety deposit box.

We felt confident and MORE than ready to depart. We backed out of our pen and almost immediately ran aground. Not enough tide just yet….. An hour later and casting off our lines for the fourth time in three days we were underway.

And Fling’s engine just purred….. it must have been all that loving attention!

We spottted lots of dolphins as we closed on Urangan Harbour. Today finds us at Kingfisher Bay Resort which has great day facilities (a lovely swimming pool, showers, a small local shop and restaurant/ bar all close to the pure white sand beach).

We bumped into Reg and Rhonda from Ocean Addict today and enjoyed some time over lunch, although anyone watching us might have been surprised by our strange behaviour…. the March Flies were out in squadrons (think squadrons in D Day numbers!) and if you couldn’t hear our conversation then you just might have wondered why we kept on slapping each other! By body language we looked like we had a perculiar form of Tourette’s syndrome which causes one to slap rather than swear! Average conversation along the lines of… “Oh Reg… watch out, four on your shoulder…( insert slapping motion, with gusto! ) , and where are you headed next?”…We all wondered what the overseas tourists would remember the most of their experience on Fraser Island, worlds largest sand cay…epicentre of annoying insects

The pool and the boat were the only safe havens….and we enjoyed both. Any thoughts of Buddism were quashed by the quiet glee we felt watching the March Flies fail to learn to swim in the pool!

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