Good Morning Sunshine!

Wide Bay Bar at dawn

We picked our way through the Sandy Straits and settled into the Inskip Point anchorage at sunset. Andrew spent a sleepless night waiting for the alarm clock and at three am we were up and ready to beard the dragon of Wide Bay Bar in her den! Good thing we chose the catch her in her sleepy mode because she was a dream to cross.03.55hrs was the top of the flood tide and the predawn light made it easy to isolate the lead lights from the low scrubby background.

With the Mad Mile crossed in reasonable comfort we headed south to Mooloolaba. Not much wind to set us off, but eventually a decent wind filled in. How lovely to enter the Mooloolaba river and see it clear and blue again, as last time we were here it was stained the colour of dark coffee from all the rainfall. I just love standing on the deck and looking at all the fish below.

How great to be on the Sunshine Coast again!

The Marina was hosting a boat  show, their first I think, and it was great to see that the yacht club has finally again opened for buisiness after a five year delay! We spent the evening with Dianne and Mark, owners of Mustang Sally ,a Hunter 44 DS and fellow sailors from Port Phillip Bay, Victoria.    

We will spend a few days here, catching up with friends and just enjoying this lovely cosmopolitan environment before we head south to Moreton Bay to prepare to leave Fling and return to Melbourne.


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