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It's really hard to leave Mooloolaba...

We left Mooloolaba early in the morning and headed out against the last hour of the incoming tide. Once offshore the passage was brilliant, a great big sparkly day of sunshine and beam reaching in 12-15 knots! Bellissimo! The Fusion was belting out U2’s Beautiful Day (which should only be heard on a beam reach, it’s cruelty to have to listen to it on a 30 kt beat in cold weather) and we enjoyed our time in Spitfire Channel.

Spitfire Channel is the main shipping channel out for the Port of Brisbane. The last time we left Moreton Bay we came across the bay from Scarborough Marina and decided to take the more inshore passage, the appropriately named Skirmish Passage and although we sailed in some tight confines, we missed the adventure of looking over each shoulder to see who was sneaking up on Fling!

We passed five ships at close proximity during our passage and as we approached Moreton Island, the winds built. Eventually we did a very careful jibe, and dropped both sails.

Entering Tangalooma anchorage from the north is a little frustrating as passage has to be made south by a couple of miles to clear the sandbanks which protect the anchorage.

We anchored, were unhappy with our choice so up-anchored and set it again.  Much better!

 A very camera shy turtle hung around as we got settled, then took off as soon as I pointed the lens at him. It’s kind of nice to still see them this far south though, somehow I had decided that they stopped swimming south at Fraser Island.

The beach and the water are for once, exactly as the travel brochures claim! 

Tommorrow morning will start a whole new chapter in Highland Fling’s life…

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