Welcome to Coff’s Harbour!

Surfing and sensational beaches are what Coff’s Harbour is known for.
Highland Fling did her best to arrive in ‘Aloha’ style a month ago, surfing downhill for 60 nm in 25-30 knot north winds.
Since then we have been home to visit family and just moved back onboard last week.
We looked at the weather more than a week ago and thought we would be here for another week. No problems, this is why we cruise rather than race.
This week now looks like it will become two full weeks. Three days ago we had the unique situation where we had a trough to the north, generating strong north winds whilst at the same time we has a ridge forming to the south, generating strong sourthly winds.
Should we stay put?
Hell yes!!
The day before yesterday looked promising, except for the thunderstorm warnings…
We are glad we stayed as they lasted two days and the total rainfall for just last night was a whopping 159.8 mm or 6.4 inches!
I don’t think we would have been able to sleep if we were the only yacht in a solitary bay further south. Far better to stay hidden here amongst the taller lightening conductors!
The pictures below show Coff’s as we have found it this week. The picture of the fuel dock shows an area where four days ago we had to take a very large step UP to the wharf. Big tides at the moment.
It’s amazing how quickly the weather varies here. Last night it was all fire and brimstone and this evening it is the essence of serene placidity!
I spied a small turtle as I walked the marina this evening.

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