Bay hopping : Jervis Bay, Ulladulla and Bateman’s Bay


Entering Jervis Bay we were accompanied by dolphins and in seven metres of water I could clearly see the bottom. Such a beautiful pristine cruising ground! We headed over to our favourite anchorage, ‘Hole in the Wall’ and settled in for a blissful evening.

At two am the wind shifted a little and when I got up to check the boat I was delighted to see tiny phosphorescent wavelets all around us, just magic!

Looking at the forecast at six am the next morning we reluctantly departed for Ulladulla. As I cast off the mooring buoy I looked staright down to the seabed, crystal clear in 5 metres of water. A large ray was just astern of us, drifting lazily along. I wished I had had the foresight to put the underwater camera just under the surface, the photo would have been so much better.

No wind at all for the start of the sail but it eventually built to the low twenties, gusting to mids but happily from behind. We had a heart stopping moment as we motored over a kelp raft just as we entered the harbour. The engine coughed, the rock wall loomed then Fling picked herself up and surfed on in!

After a night on the outer wall we sought refuge in the inner harbour, tying up to the wharf. I love a working harbour, so much to see. Mid morning I was surprised to hear a low engine growl behind us and looked up to see an eighty foot tuna boat looming over us! We felt quite tiny…The catch was quite small but the season has only just begun and the locals tell us the water temperature isn’t yet high enough for good yields just yet.

The next weather window opened up and we quite happily departed for Bateman’s Bay. Several really big dolphins accompanied us out of the harbour this time. The wind stayed stubbornly on the nose until the last 4 nm, and we then had a five hour wait for the tide to get us across the bar into the harbour. After tying Fling up as best we could in a catarmaran pen we settled in to watch hundreds of Flying Foxes migrating back to their evening colony north of us.

This next week’s weather will bring us strong winds associated with the tropical low that has been causing havoc in Queensland so we plan on staying put for a good few days.This marina will offer us more shelter than Bermagui to the south, so best to wait here we think.

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