In the company of royalty…

This morning we awoke to the persistant sound of helicopters. We thought of traffic reports and dozed off again.
A shame really as we missed the simultaneous arrival of the QE11 and the Queen Mary!
They entered Sydney Harbour at 0630 hours and sailed on each side of Fort Denison to their respective berths. Sydneysiders were out in force to welcome them, even the clearway zones were rezoned to deal with the increased traffic from spectators.

Both were docked by the time we headed under the Harbour Bridge to the Sydney Fish Markets, but here are some pictures.
When looking at the Queen Mary, don’t be alarmed but the little grey boats are in fact our Navy! She is berthed at the Woolloomoo Naval Base, giving the QE11 her position of seniority at Circular Quay at the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

Queen Mary


Heading for the Sydney Fish Markets

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