Goodbye NSW and thanks for all your help!

It feels great to have reached Queensland where we wanted to spend the bulk of our year. We have both commented on how we now feel ourselves to be truly on holiday.

It’s a terrific release from sailing the northern NSW coast which has at times simply felt like a delivery trip.

We are now in more familiar waters and look forward to some shorter day sails. The problem with the northern NSW coast is just the length of the passage: one must leave at the correct time to reach the next destination on a rising tide as most destinations involve a river bar of some sort.

There are little options for the day sailor to select should the destination become untenable. So a level of anxiety stirs in me every time we head off  to parts unknown.

Having said that the destinations themselves are worthy. We have visited some beautiful coastal towns and enjoyed each one.

The support and advice we have received from the Volunteer Marine Rescue Services has been exemplary. They run an electronic tracking sheet which records your details and contact numbers. Should you be late at your next destination their  screen turns red and drives them nuts until they find you! This is a new system and we found the operators on the south coast less familiar with it. It still has it’s glitches, but on the whole seems to be a great system.

The locals also seem to be taking their time adjusting, just the day before yesterday we heard a solo sailor of forty years experience radioing in to say he would not log on. Reason: he thought he needed a computer on-board and since he hadn’t needed one in the last forty years, he wasn’t about to invest in one now!!

VMR kindly listened, and logged him on…

So: on to Queensland and we hope the valuable support we have received from these dedicated volunteers is replicated.

We certainly value their advice and listening ears.


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