There must be more than glitz…

We are filling in a few days at Southport Yacht Club as this high pressure ridge makes sailing further north an unhappy option and as we also have to wait for our new computer battery to arrive.

Southport’s a great place to wait. Plenty to see and do, good provisioning and comfortable. We’re happy to be here.

On our first night here I spied no less than seven blondes wearing various versions of leopard skin outfits whilst dining in the yacht club. I jumped to conclusions and dismissed the Gold Coast as a ‘fashionista’ port.

Yesterday we pumped the dinghy up, only to discover a small tear which required repair. So it wasn’t until today we headed out by dinghy for a short adventure, here’s some pictures…

This beautifully maintained little thing is named Investigator which so suits her busy attitude! She is about as long as she is high but stands proud.

Of course where there are boats, there are birds. Check out this cormorant “Investigating” the bird scare device! 

Aged elegance amidst the high living city people


You can get married here if you want..

Or just elope!!


And fly off into the sunset...

We took a stoll down Main Beach this afternoon


It's still blowing like crazy...


A beautiful sculpture, even without the adornment of a dead fish!


The Main Beach Pavillion and Surf Club buildings date back to 1934


Beauty and elegance are all around us but sometimes you have to look beyond the surface or superficial image.

 We are heading off tomorrow to thread our way up through the channels towards Manly Boat Harbour. We expect to take a few days, just wandering about slowly.

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