That old sinking feeling….

We set off up the Brisbane river and speculated on the long trip up what we might see, given the recent floods. It soon became a case of what we couldn’t see, shouldn’t see and as a boat owner, never wish to see!

By and large the river seems to have recovered. There are long stretches of riverside walkway pontooons missing, and random flotsam dumped on wharves, but generally it looks OK. Our berth smelt suspiciously like wet carpet but a local cheerfully told us that it always smelt like that! He informed us he had watched the floodwaters rise until the pontoon was at the tops of the poles, some 15 feet. He also informed us that our flexing pontoon (which assumed the shape of the Loch Ness monster with every incoming wake) had been like that since before the floods!!

Three yachts in from us the craft were aground at low tide. This was the fault of the floods with massive silt deposits building up on the side of the river which experienced the least flow. We can’t help but feel for the owners of waterfront businesses on this river, it must be difficult and frustrating waiting to get things back to normal.

Leaving RQYS we spied our first ‘Never want to see’ : a yacht hard aground in Moreton Bay.

Then a ‘Shouldn’t see’..

American Spy Submarine!

Followed closely by another ‘Never want to see…’

Sunken Tug


And then another

Sunken Yacht

We finally made it into the city reaches and cruised up to the pole marina moorings near the botanical gardens. We found a vacancy but were put off by the incredible frailty of some of the mooring lines and boats around us.

Returning back down to Kangaroo Point we tied alongside at Dockside Marina. Tried to find the manager to pay but the locals said he was only there three days a week. So, no key to leave the marina which the locals said was also OK as the toilets and showers couldn’t be used since the floods.

And so we settled in for our wild night in Brisvegas!!  Watching the party boats go by and admiring the lights. Asleep by 9pm!

Big City Lights


Finally, just to prove that all is not lost (or sunk), here’s a training ship we passed in Moreton Bay, happily afloat despite the number of crew onboard!

Heading back to Moreton Bay today to Scarborough Marina , then on northwards to Mooloolaba.

The sun’s out, and Fling’s charging along!

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