Cid Harbour to safe harbour

Reluctantly departing from Hammo (It’s nice but at $100.00 per night one doesn’t want to overstay!) we made our way up to Cid Harbour. Cid looked as  beautiful as it did when we last anchored here 13 years ago. It is the epitome of a whitsunday vista, white beach, tall pines and aqua water. Bliss!

So relaxing is this retreat we had a seagull calmly but intently practicing yoga on our dinghy….

This couple commented on what a great way to start their holiday as they slipped past our stern on their kayak’s.

Airle Beach, looking quite the Iatalin coastal village!

We left the next morning and headed for Abel Point Marina, in order to get ourselves and Highland Fling ready for our guests. The marina has doubled in size since we were last here and yet it still seems that unchanged. It is now the Whitsunday coast’s cyclone safe harbour, and we noted the residue of tape marks on the laundry windows as testament to the three cyclones which have been through here in the last year or so.

Looking from the marina towards the Coral Sea resort

The walk to Cannonvale for provisioning has however improved greatly. The Bicentennial track is well maintained and passes through beautifully kept parks and gardens. Much better than the scruffy trail we used to hike through!

Plenty of this

And this to enjoy on your daily walk!

This morning we headed out to return to Cid Harbour in readiness to collect our first visitors tomorrow. A strong wind warning rang true and in all wisdom we returned to the Marina and booked our new crew a ferry trip to Airle Beach. No guest should have to start their holiday in the conditions we had this morning!  A nice comfy ferry ride will bring Caitlin and Xavier to us by lunchtime tomorrow!

A last walk around the marina tonight generated these opposing gems: Boat owners earnestly having fun, and boat owners earnestly loving their boats ( but probably having more frustrating fun!)

Every single piece of varnished teak has a name or a place on it's underside...serious work!

A final thought about yachting and fun…this guy clearly understands his priorities…

Yep, don't give up until you have to!

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