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  1. Harry Couper says:

    I visited Pancake creek on my sail from Darwin to Adelaide but unfortunately did not take a photo. You have a photo showing the spot we anchored and therefor I seek permission to use the Pancake Creek photo in my book I am writing. This event actually took place back in 1982 after we had sailed from Darwin to Ambon and then continued down the east coast to Adelaide.

    your help would be appreciated and of course acknowledge


  2. Helen Steel says:

    Hi Karen
    Laurie and I have just spent the weekend at Waratah Bay in our camper. It blew hard both days making the Sale gale seem like a mere zephyr! We were the only swimmers!
    How cute you were just on the other side of the Prom!
    Welcome back,

    • kparker says:

      Oh Helen! How wonderful to know you were so near! (And yet so far!)
      We hope to leave tomorrow morning. 24 hrs sailing till we are truly home but it’s lovely to be in Victorian waters again!
      Are you still heading north or back home now? BIG coffee soon!!

    • Helen Steel says:

      Just there for 2 days and back to work tomorrow.
      It was a small break amongst the hurly burly of the comings and goings of St Andrews life. Last trip away was to SA wilpena Pound.
      Very poor form!! Take care on the last leg of your adventure and look forward to catching up over a coffee.

  3. Sarah Patterson says:

    Hi Karen and Andrew It was nice meeting you last night and I have found your most impressive blog. Lots of great information, food inspiration and pics. Considering the wind direction & strength we are staying another night hoping for pleasant to Deal tomorrow. Enjoy your day.

  4. Gabrielle and Travis Anderson says:

    Hi Karen & Andrew,
    Hope you survived the heat wave down there on the central coast. We are still enjoying following your travels especially since your reacquaintance with Highland Fling. Thanks for the great cooking idea regarding sugar cane and prawns. Two things we have plenty of up here!
    Safe travels and keep up the logs!
    The Anderson’s

    • kparker says:

      Gabrielle and Travis,
      So lovely to hear from you! Glad to hear you are still enjoying the blog, and even more glad to hear you still live in paradise! I tried to respond by email but I think I have an old address, K

  5. kparker says:

    Hi Sue,
    No snow expected up here, but we had a big southerly change yesterday which dropped the temp about 15 degrees!
    When will this weather ever sort itself out??

  6. Sue Drummond says:

    Hi Karen and Andrew, We’re having a pleasant time in Con Dock , Hobart. We keep running into people from Melbourne. It’s cooling down , in fact snow is expected tomorrow! Fires have caused major disruptions to an already difficult tourism scene here with Frecinet and Port Arthur closed amongst other National Parks. Here in Zhobart it’s lovely.

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