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  1. Saul says:

    There a so many whales off the coast at the momnet. There are whales all the way along the east Coast , they were still in the Whitsundays even as late as Mid-October and the entire NSW Coast was thick with them even 2 weeks ago. They may be heading south but they’re in no hurry. Be careful, one hit me in the Whitsundays . it came up under the boat and lifted me .

    • kparker says:

      Hi Saul,
      We saw another just the other day north of Port Macquarie. Hope you didn’t sustain too much damage during your encounter!

  2. She Drummond says:

    Hey Karen, C’mon send us a missal from Port Stephens. It can’t be too bad there. Didn’t go to KI as too lazy, Bryan had birthday party then had to go back pronto for the fridge man to do the freezer. It is now working really well so it’s time to start cooking and vacuum packing tasty packages for Bass Strait and Hobart. CU soon.

    • kparker says:

      Hi Sue, I tried to all yesterday afternoon, couldn’t get my pictures to load! Living very comfortably here despite very strong southerlies since yesterday! They will persist for a few days then we are off to Newcastle and home!

  3. Sue Drummond says:

    Hi Guys, Talking to Sundance Yacht sales today. Trying to flog a Wauquiez 54, 4 years old, Aust Reg, in Croatia. Thought of you! Its the same make as the Hankes boat but newer. Looking forward to catching up if you make it to Melb b4 Christmas. If not , best wishes for Christmas and the new year.

  4. Sue Drummond says:

    Dear Webmaster.
    Bryan is very impressed. How do you link your website to facebook? Is it a widget?
    We have 5 weeks to go to our South Pacific adventure. Have a great Xmas if we don’t see you before we leave

    Master Webman

    • kparker says:

      Aloha Skippers and Web Guru’s
      A merry Christmas t you both also! We will be home by air for Xmas so may see you before then.
      The widget is called ‘Add a link to facebook’
      It’s easy to configure and Marcel who designed it is good with problem solving should you have any problems.
      Fair winds to King Island for you I see on Skipper net it’s quite lovely out in Bass Strait today!
      Gorgeous here but three days of winds bigger than us coming up πŸ™

  5. Sue Drummond says:

    We r at Queenscliff for the Music Fest hoping the wind will swing to the north next week for a quick shakedown to King Island. Listen up weather gods!!!!!

  6. Cheryl says:

    Hi Karen, Highland Fling does not want you to sell that is why he is making so difficult to sail back if it was a her would have been back by now. Safe trip home Love c xxx

    • kparker says:

      So very true I’m sure!
      SHE is digging her heels in!
      Did Gary like the retro surfing pic?
      I took it with him in mind!

  7. jenny wright says:

    Welcome back blogger! This entry will help get me through another haul at the desk on a 15 degree rainy day… enjoy Ballina

  8. kparker says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for you comment πŸ˜‰
    It was lovely to catch up and to see Corazon all set for her next adventures!
    Wishing you loads of grand sailing,
    Karen and Andrew

  9. Jenny Stone says:

    Lovely meeting up with you briefly at RQ Boardwalk Cafe.
    Congratulations on such a wonderful cruising season. I loved reading your blogs and seeing all the beautiful photo’s. Thankyou for sharing your experiences.
    All the best for your future adventures.
    Jenny ( SV Corazon Viaje)

  10. Cheryl Ford says:

    One of my favourite books The Shipping News

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